We are at that time of year when eating to excess has been a frequent occurrence. Usually what follows is an increased desire to hit the gym. Many have gym equipment in their own homes which is much more convenient, but how safe is it? Is it safe around children? What can be done to make sure it is safe even when not in use?


Unfortunately, thousands of exercise equipment related injuries occur each year, many involving children. The vast majority of these injuries are friction burns.


Safety tips to be mindful of:


Securely store weights after use. Barbells can be very dangerous if they get into the wrong hands (like children’s) Keep them stored in a place that can’t be accessed by small children


Treadmills usually come with a safety key which so that the treadmill will automatically switch off the second there is a problem.   This must constantly be clipped to the operator of it for the time it is being used. Whoever operates the treadmill should know precisely how to use it. Make sure the safety clip cord is not left dangling after use. It could be a risk for children.


Be cautious when listening to loud music or TV while exercising, if a child has wondered in without you knowing it, it could be dangerous. Make sure that gym equipment is situated in a way that you can clearly see who is entering the room.


Keep all gym equipment safely secured and in locked positions when not in use. Children have a tough time staying away from things they shouldn’t touch so locking the room used as a gym is the best option if available. Unplug the equipment as well, in this way you will prevent a child from turning it on accidentally.

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