Without even realizing it, through the years our home could be experiencing the effects of acid rain. When we hear the word acid, it can sound scary as we often think of its corrosive nature. While it acid rain may not be too harmful for us, certain materials used in construction, such as stone and metal can be affected by it.

Causes of acid rain

Acid rain forms from a mixture of sulfuric and nitric acid, specifically sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, oxygen and different pollutants in our air. Certain areas such as cities or places that have a larger concentration of burning fossil fuels or areas with power plants might see more effects of acid rain. This mix of pollutants is carried by dew, rain and snow, even frost. If you’re concerned about the levels of acid rain in your area, contact the local EPA agent who can give you all of the up-to-date pollution levels.

Do certain building materials show less effects of acid rain?

Some building materials that are used now can resist the effects of acid rain a bit better. Granite and sandstone are good for resisting some of the damages, the reason for this is because of their silica content. Stainless steel and aluminum are metals that hold up well against acid rain. Damage caused from acid rain is noticed more in materials such as limestone, copper, marble, and bronze.

Knowing all about different types of building materials to use in constructing a home, will help you manage the damage which can result from acid rain.



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