Additional Inspections For Your Protection

We Provide Additional inspection types to help protect you and your home. See below for details.

Pool Inspections

We provide comprehensive pool inspections that help you avoid costly repairs later on.

Septic Inspections

Your septic system is an important part of your home, and we make sure that it is in good working order.

Water Quality

Protect you and your family from harmful contaminants and have us test the quality of your well water.

HVAC In-Slab Duct

Problems found in In-Slab HVAC ductwork

Air flow rates of heating or cooling air delivered by in-slab ductwork can become substantially reduced and ultimately blocked complete by:

  • Rodents or other animals that may invade the ductwork, nesting or even dying
  • Crushed or collapsed ducts in the slab
  • Debris loaded in-slab ductwork
  • Water standing or flooded in-slab ductwork which can lead to mold
  • Rust
  • Sand

Water can accumulate in in-slab air ducts from:

  • Condensation during the cooling season
  • Leaks into the duct system from ground water
  • leaks into the duct system from nearby plumbing drain defects
  • actual area flooding of the home: example from a burst plumbing line or refrigerator ice maker line

When the duct scan is done in conjunction with the home inspection, we provide it at a reduced rate.

Sewer Main Line

What is the Main Sewer Line? It is the main drain pipe leading from the exterior of the home to the city (public) sewer pipe connection which can be under the street.

Who is responsible if it needs repair / replacement? You the homeowner.

What happens if there is a problem in the main sewer line? One or more of the plumbing fixtures backs up at the same time. Toilets in particular can be affected by this, but other fixtures can also be involved: Tub, Shower, Sinks, Washing Machine, etc.

There are many problems that can occur within the main sewer line, the most common being root intrusions that can cause blockages of the drain line and damage the pipe. Seismic activity can also cause damage and breaks in the sewer pipe. Many sewer pipes in pre-existing homes can have materials installed that have a specific life expectancy and may be worn out to the point of needing repairs or replacement.

When the Main Sewer Line Scan is done in conjunction with the home inspection, we provide it at a reduce rate.

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